SupportLife, College, And Career Counseling

Guidance and Counseling Center

During a formative time in their lives, our students benefit from a support system that provides a safe, confidential environment in which they are encouraged to express their feelings and concerns while being guided toward healthy life choices so they can achieve their goals.

Our Guidance and Counseling Department is as unique as your daughter. Beginning with our School and College Counselors who remain with the same class throughout their four years at Assumption (and beyond)! All four of our School and College Counselors are knowledgeable, certified school counselors who are able to meet students’ needs from a personal perspective and are focused on helping them achieve their academic and co-curricular goals during their four years at AHS. In addition, our School and College Counselors:

  • Meet regularly with every student (a minimum of twice a year)
  • Assist with academic planning
  • Review standardized test results
  • Help strengthen personal and interpersonal skills
  • Collaborate with teachers and academic administration to help ensure success
  • Provide assistance to students experiencing personal or family problems, problems with alcohol or drug use, or other mental health concerns

In addition, our two full-time, dedicated college counselors who meet with students individually and with families as requested. They provide classroom guidance and a four year program to help students achieve their college goals. Both college counselors are actively involved with Kentucky and national college admissions organizations.

Parenting a teenager can present new and unexpected challenges. The Assumption Guidance and Counseling Center offers the Rocket Parent Network (RPN). RPN is a trustworthy group of Assumption parents united to providing a drug and alcohol free social environment for teens.