Guided by the Gospel of Jesus and the charism of Catherine McAuley, an Assumption education provides an internationally recognized individualized experience rooted in our belief that faith guides, compassion inspires, integrity matters, and excellence empowers.

Outcomes of an Assumption Education

An Assumption graduate is a woman for whom Faith Guides.
She demonstrates an awareness of Catholic faith and values as evidenced by:

  • demonstrating knowledge of Catholicism and Mercy Charism
  • cultivating a relationship with God through prayer, reflection, and discernment
  • living faith through action
  • recognizing that each individual has innate value as a child of God

An Assumption graduate is a woman for whom Compassion Inspires.
She responds to the needs of the times as evidenced by:

  • advocating for self and others, including the voiceless and vulnerable
  • addressing the critical concerns of the Sisters of Mercy through works of social justice
  • possessing cultural awareness and appreciation for diversity
  • demonstrating effective interpersonal skills as a contributing member of the community

An Assumption graduate is a woman for whom Integrity Matters.
She strives to live a life of truth and virtue as evidenced by:

  • possessing the knowledge to make informed and responsible decisions in all aspects of her life regarding her physical and mental health, relationships, technology use, and finances.
  • demonstrating perseverance and resilience
  • learning from mistakes and failure and demonstrating graciousness in success and defeat
  • exhibiting personal responsibility and accountability

An Assumption graduate is a woman for whom Excellence Empowers.
She pursues lifelong learning with intellectual curiosity as evidenced by:

  • establishing and maintaining a growth mindset
  • demonstrating the ability to think critically, analyze, and solve problems
  • communicating effectively
  • maintaining an awareness of historical and current events both at a local and global level
  • possessing foundational knowledge sufficient for success in college and/or career-related programs