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Academic Level Description

Students have the opportunity to take their classes at six different academic levels, so that each student may study each college preparatory core content area at a depth and pace that is appropriate for her.

Through our academic advising process each year, we work to ensure that students are consistently pushed to reach that next level of challenge when she is ready for it. Students teachers, dean of studies, and counselors all have conversations with the students in their classes about whether she should stay in her current level of challenge or move up a level based on her classroom performance.

Courses are leveled according to the degree of difficulty and the depth of subject matter as well as the requirements of the course. All levels are part of a pre-college curriculum.

Our size allows us to provide fluid academic levels for ability which means that, for example, a student who excels in math and science but is not as strong in English is able to take those classes at the level that is appropriate for her.  

Advanced Placement (AP):

College Board-approved course; students prepare to take AP exams to earn college credit. Learn more about our Advancement Placement courses here.

Dual Credit (DC):

Dual credit college-level course; credit may be earned through the University of Louisville or Western Kentucky University. Learn more about our Dual Credit courses here.

Advanced (AD):

 The most advanced high school level course available to students; accelerated college preparatory course which requires students to independently analyze and synthesize curriculum.

Honors 1 (H1):

College preparatory course requiring in-depth consideration of concepts; independent study, analysis, and research; material is presented at an accelerated rate.

Honors (H):

College preparatory course based on standard high school curriculum which requires in-depth consideration of concepts and independent study and research.

Academic (AC): 

College preparatory course for freshman and sophomore students requiring greater emphasis on basic skills.

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