Faith GuidesLiving Out Our Mission

Mission Week

“If we love God, we will undoubtedly love our neighbor also; they are as cause and effect.”

-Catherine McAuley, foundress of the Sisters of Mercy

Our mission, as it guides all of our programs, reflects our vision that our graduates will be socially responsible women committed to Gospel living, lifelong learning, and a life of leadership and service in society. Our annual Mission Week project gives us the opportunity to reinforce these aspects in an innovative, educational experience.

Mission Week focuses on teaching students to live our mission: to guide through faith, to be inspired by compassion, to remember that integrity matters, and to be empowered by the excellence in the people around them. Mission Week is a designated week in the second semester when classes are suspended and students are involved in a variety of enrichment and service activities. Mission Week is organized in collaboration with hundreds of community members and organizations.

Each grade level is assigned one line from our school mantra that highlights the various activities they experience throughout the week.

Freshmen: I am a valuable person

Freshmen students learn that they are a valuable person through discussions about body image, social media, and personal passions and gifts. Students also explore ways to serve and connect in Louisville communities.

Sophomores: I have dignity and worth

Sophomores focus on the fact that everyone has dignity and worth, so serving our community through ACTS (A Christian Through Service) is an extension of those values. Sophomores serve two full days with their ACTS agencies during Mission Week, in addition to participation in a self defense class and refugee simulation.

Juniors & Seniors: What I do makes a difference

Junior and senior students discover that what they do really does make a difference. Juniors focus on their career search by attending job shadow and college visits. Seniors make a difference through attending retreat, mission trips, or service through leading freshmen.

Mission Trips

For 15 years, faculty, and staff traveled to places as far away as Belize in Central America and as close to home as Appalachia in rural Kentucky. One of the many special opportunities afforded to our seniors is the chance to travel on a week-long mission trip.