EARNCollege Credits in Assumption Classrooms

Dual Credit Courses

Assumption’s partnership with Kentucky state universities provides students the opportunity to take a course designed by our highly qualified teachers. This coursework has also been reviewed and approved by the partner universities who qualify it as equitable to the instruction that is happening on their college campuses.

As a result, our students are able to earn college credit from our partner universities while in Assumption classrooms without the necessity of an additional exam.

Assumption currently offers 15 Dual Credit courses for the 2022-23 academic year.


Scholarships provided by the Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority (KHEAA) allow each student to cover the cost of up to two dual credit courses. These scholarships increase the affordability of this option which are already a cost effective way to earn college credit. Our partner universities currently only charge $91 per credit hour which is less than one-third the cost of the course on any state university campus.

By Kentucky state law, Kentucky state universities must award credit for hours earned and Assumption graduates regularly transfer these credits to universities and colleges nationwide.

Assumptions partners with the University of Louisville, Western Kentucky University, and Jefferson Community and Technical College.

Dual Credit Offerings:

  • BUS 100 – Intro to Business
  • FIN 161 – Personal Finance
  • SPAN 102 – Spanish III
  • SPAN 201 – Spanish IV
  • FREN 102 – French III
  • FREN 201 – French IV
  • HIST 102 – World History
  • COM 181 – Public Speaking
  • MAT 171 – PreCalculus
  • MAT 175 – Calculus
  • ENG 101 – English IV
  • ENG 102 – English IV
  • EDTP 107 – Human Development and Learning
  • EDTP 201 – The Teaching Profession
  • REL 200 – World Religions