AOPAReady To Learn To Fly?

Aircraft Owners and Pilots Associations

Entering into the fifth year of the Assumption Aviation Program, we are very excited to be accepted by the nationally recognized Aircraft Owners and Pilots Associations (AOPA) high school aviation science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) curriculum in the 2019-2020 school year.

Students who apply and are accepted into the program have a unique opportunity to experience a first-of-its-kind, comprehensive, four-year aviation study program aligned with rigorous math and science standards used in approximately 30 states nationwide.


This program has shown me many different aspects of aviation. For example, we have had hands on experiences with drones, soldering, model rockets, testing an airfoil in a wind tunnel, and practice with multiple aircraft simulators that Assumption provides. We also were fortunate to go on field trips to the UPS advanced simulators, a tour of Bowman Field’s tower, and a tour of the Air National Guard Base. At the UPS Flight Training Center we got to fly in the MD11 and A300 simulators. This program sparked my passion for flying. My aviation teacher, Ms. Judd, has been extremely supportive throughout my aviation journey.  I am very fortunate and grateful to have 50 hours of flight time during lessons at Bowman Field and in January 2021, I completed my first solo flight. Currently I am building my solo time and will soon start the cross-country phase. – Lily Adams ’22

Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association

The program aims to provide students the skills they need to pursue aviation-related career and educational opportunities.

The courses are aligned with Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core State Standards for Mathematics and come with all the resources teachers need including lesson plans, presentations, assessments, and rigorous, engaging, and fun student activities.