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International Travel

When Assumption students travel, they become explorers. They see incredible sights that inspire them to be global citizens, and they have amazing opportunities to engage with new people. No matter where someone is from, or what they believe, Assumption students know that everyone has a unique perspective that is worth considering.

At Assumption, there are ample opportunities to make dreams of traveling a reality. Whether a student wants to participate in a mission trip, an ambassador exchange program, or simply travel to learn more about the culture of a place, there is an opportunity that awaits you at AHS!

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Mercy Ambassadors Exchange Program

The anchor of Assumption’s international exchange program is a four-week exchange with Colegio Santa Ethnea in Bella Vista, Argentina, a school sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy. The program has also included an exchange with St. Teresa School, also a Mercy-sponsored school, in Johannesburg, South Africa. Currently in development is an exchange with a school sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy in Australia, and an exchange with a school in Ireland is a future possibility as well.

Assumption’s international exchange program was initiated in 2007 by assistant principal and dean of students Cindi Baughman. Within the one-to-one exchange program, students from the international school(s) travel to Louisville for four weeks during the spring semester to live and attend AHS with their host students. The Assumption students in turn travels to Argentina for four weeks in June to live and attend classes with the students they hosted. For more information, please contact Cindi Baughman.