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Clubs & Organizations

With over 70 clubs and organizations, Assumption has groups for every interest to expand your horizons, diversify your friendships, and fuel your future.

Each Fall, students are given the opportunity to “shop” club meetings during multiple LEAD & Learn days. During that time student representatives each club and organizations are able to showcase their mission, goals, and activities associated with their club and explain how students can join. Listed below are the clubs and organizations available for the 2021-2022 school year.

Club NameDescriptionModeratorsLEAD PROGRAM: Type of Club  How to Join
Academic Teams:  Governor’s Cup, Future Problem Solving, and Quick RecallThese academic teams are open to all who would like to participate; if you have an interest in academic competition, these are the clubs for you! Quick Recall: Mrs. Conway, Mr. Rouse and Mr. Kirby; Governor’s Cup: Mrs. Conway; Future Problem Solving: Dr. Stellino-SmithMrs. Conway, Dr. Stellino-Smith, Mr. Rouse, Mr. KirbyE – Academic CompetitionContact Mrs. Conway at  
Actor’s Theater Usher ClubThe ATL Usher’s Club is for students interested in ushering and attending plays at Actor’s Theater of Louisville. Students would complete an usher’s training workshop then usher approximately one play per month. Ushers then attend the plays. Ushering hours may count for service hour requirements. ** Note: Due to Covid-19, Actor’s Theater currently does not use ushers for their in-person performances.  We hope this changes either later this year or for the 2022-2023 season **  Mr. ArmstrongE – Special Interest Club 
Advancement CouncilRising Sophs, Juniors and Seniors. Selected in spring, must have 3.0 or higher. Members are chosen for their enthusiasm for AHS, interest in fundraising/donor relations, marketing/public relations, special event planning and alumnae relations. This group works hand-in-hand with the Advancement Department to further their mission.Mrs. MartinL – Leadership ClubStudents who participate are selected after an application process in the spring.
Adventure ClubOpen to all students and faculty/staff who have an interest in the outdoors and physical activity. The club sponsors three outings each semester. Activities include after school and weekend excursions to local and regional sites such as hiking, rock climbing, canoeing, and horseback riding.Ms. Judd, Ms. SaundersE – Special Interest ClubContact Ms. Judd at
Ambassadorsa leadership organization for seniors only. The ambassadors are a group chosen for their leadership skills and poise. These
students assist the student activities director and the assistant directors with all full-school assemblies. They are also responsible for
ushering at school functions where crowd control is necessary, including drama productions, choral concerts, art shows, etc. The
ambassadors also have an active role in Open House and plan the Father-Daughter Dance in coordination with the sophomore class
Ms. LongL – Leadership ClubStudents who participate are selected after an application process in the spring.
Architecture, Construction Management, and Engineering (ACE)This club introduces students to the professions of architecture, construction management, and engineering. The club meets approximately every other Wednesday after school from 3pm-4pm. During the meetings, members of the profession give a brief presentation regarding their employment and then lead the club members through some kind of hands-on activity.  During the second semester, students design their own project and present their plan at a banquet with industry professionals and other schools’ ACE Program Club members.  Mrs. Hovekamp, Mrs. ElpersL & E – Special Interest ClubContact Mrs. Hovekamp at
Art ClubOpen to all students. Students meet after school to work on art projects that are not related to what is done in class. Students explore new media, service opportunities and art experiences in the broader Louisville community.Mrs. WickeE – Special Interest ClubContact Mrs. Wicke at
Art National Honor SocietyMust have taken or be taking at least one art class at AHS. Must maintain a B average or higher in art.Mrs. FoleyE – Academic Honor SocietyStudents are invited to participate in this club.
Asian Culture ClubThis club explores the different aspects of Asian culture. Topics include movies, anime, music, language, and food.Mr. MillerE – Special Interest ClubContact Mr. Miller at
Bell ChoirOpen to any interested students.  Rehearsals are on Monday afternoons from 3:15-4:45. Contact Mr. Straub for more information.Mr. StraubE – Special Interest ClubContact Mr. Straub for more information at
Best BuddiesThis club is open to all students interested in creating friendships and empowering those with those with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) In this club we will meet monthly with our buddies for fun activities and will work to raise awareness for inclusivity.  Mrs. ErskineE & A – Special Interest ClubContact Mrs. Erskine for more information at
Beta Club–Juniors and SeniorsBeta Club is for students who maintain a 3.5 cumulative GPA and do not have more than two demerits. Qualifying sophomores and juniors are invited to join Beta Club in February each year for membership in their junior and senior years. Members are required to attend 75% of the scheduled meetings, unless they have an excused absence from school. They must also complete 20 service hours their junior year and 20 service hours their senior year. As long as students maintain the above requirements, they do not have to reapply their senior year.Mrs. Langley, Mrs. Lasley, Mrs. Shelton, Mrs. JacksonE – Academic Honor SocietyStudents who participate are selected after an application process in the spring.
Black Student Union (BSU)This club is open to all students of any race.  Students celebrate Black culture and achievements and discuss issues related to race.Mrs. Adkins, Mr. RiffeE – Special Interest ClubContact Mrs. Adkins or Mr. Riffe for more information.
Book ClubAll readers are welcome.Mrs. SchumE – Special Interest ClubContact Mrs. Schum at for more information.
Campus Ministry CouncilAll interested students, faculty, and staff are invited to offer feedback and ideas on campus ministry initiatives.Mrs. SteutermannE – Special Interest Advisory GroupContact Mrs. Steutermann at
Class OfficersClass Officers lead their classes in planning and implementing events and fundraising. Rising Sophomore, Junior and Senior Class Officers are elected in the spring for the upcoming year; Freshmen will elect their Class Officers in December.  (See “Homeroom Moms” for junior leaders in freshman homerooms.)Sophomores: Mrs. Boehnlein, Mr. Rogers Juniors: Mrs. Ogburn, Mrs. Peetz Seniors: Mrs. Mattingly, Mrs. JohnsonL – Leadership OrganizationStudents who hold these leadership positions are elected after an application process in the spring.
Creative Writing CircleGathers students who enjoy writing and gives them a forum to try out new genres in a safe and fun community.Mrs. SpugnardiE – Special Interest ClubContact Mrs. Spugnardi at
Culinary ClubMembers love to eat! And, we love to cook what we eat, so we share special dishes and learn from guest chefs. Why? Because we love to eat!Chef Milenthal, Mrs. PeetzE – Special Interest ClubContact Mrs. Peetz for more information at
Diversity ClubThis group is for students who have a passion for diversity and it is open to all grade levels.Mrs. DeweeseE – Special Interest ClubContact Mrs. Deweese for more information at
English National Honor SocietyThis is an organization for students who have a passion for English.  As a group, we will explore service and leadership opportunities.  Students must apply for membership.Mrs. WilliamsE – Academic Honor SocietyStudents apply to participate in this club in the fall.
Environmental Concerns CommitteeThe purpose of this committee is to review, recommend, and/or implement policies and courses of action that create a more sustainable, environmentally-conscious school community.  Students apply for this committee in the fall each year.Ms. Lincoln, Mrs. WilliamsE & A – Special Interest Club 
Family CouncilFamily Councilmembers plan and implement events, as well as represent their families in the larger council.  There is a Family Council member elected from each homeroom in the spring (or December, in freshman homerooms)Mrs. Scudder, Mrs. Walsh, Mrs. SteutermannL – Leadership OrganizationStudents who hold these leadership positions are elected after an application process in the spring.
Film ClubMembers will screen and discuss noteworthy films over the course of the year; all film-lovers welcome.Mrs. JohnstoneE – Special Interest Club
French ClubAll students interested in French language and culture are welcome to join.Mrs. ShirleyE – Academic Club
French Honor SocietyStudents must maintain an “A” for 5 consecutive semesters in French classes and a “B” overall average to be invited to join.Mrs. ShirleyE – Academic Honor SocietyStudents must qualify for invitation.
Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)All students are eligible to join this organization. Must pay $15 dues to cover state and national dues.Mrs. Maxted, Mr. SpinettoE – Academic Club
Future Physicians of America (FPA)Those interested in pursuing a career in the medical field (nurses, lab techs, doctors) are all welcomeMrs. LahaE – Special Interest Club
Glee ClubOpen to all students with an interest in pop music, regardless of musical experience. Glee Club is primarily a choir but is also happy to work in guitarists, keyboard players, percussionists, etc who are interested in performing. Glee Club meets after school a couple of times a month. The club’s primary focus is rehearsing and performing (and occasionally recording) pop songs.Mr. RamirezE – Special Interest Club
Global Outreach ClubThis club works to make a difference in the global community by supporting our school in Cambodia abroad and refugees and immigrants here at home in Louisville.Mrs. Adkins, Mrs. Darst, Mrs. SteutermannE & A – Special Interest/Service Club
Green DotGreen Dot is a club committed to promoting the idea that we, as bystanders, can play an important role in helping create a culture of non-violence among our peers. We work to educate others about dating violence, bullying, and sexual violence, and spread the word about how we can make the world a better, nicer place through our actions. Membership is open to any interested student. We do require new members to attend one of our Green Dot trainings during their first year of membership, but training does not need to be completed prior to joining the club.Mrs. AsfahlE & A – Special Interest/Service Club
Homeroom MomsThese students are chosen from each family help welcome and acclimate their newest family members to Assumption by greeting freshmen on the first day of school, organizing beginning of school “get-to-know-you” activities, assisting in freshman leadership development and in general, taking care of their freshmen.Ms. Gary, Mr. LegaL – Leadership OrganizationStudents who hold these leadership positions are elected after an application process in the spring.
Humane Action TeamOpen to anyone who wants to be active and help animals.Mrs. Hughbanks, Mr. KirbyE & A – Special Interest Club
Jammin’ for Jesus/Liturgical MusiciansA group of musicians who are interested in lending their time and talent to this music ministry. They provide service to the school community by leading song at Assumption liturgies and prayer services.Mrs. MetryE – Special Interest/Service Club
Lead4ChangeThis is a service leadership program in which interested students work in teams to implement a project.  Successful completion of a L4C project can earn grant money for implementation and will earn a graduation cord.Mrs. SteutermannL & A – Leadership CompetitionContact Mrs. Steutermann at
Library Advisory CouncilApplication and one teacher recommendation required; application available at the club intro meeting OR in the Media Center.Mrs. LasleyE – Special Interest Club
Math League Mrs. Kurtz, Mrs. FacklerE – Special Interest ClubStudents are invited to participate based on math acumen.  If interested, contact Mrs. Kurtz at or Mrs. Fackler at  
Mental Health Awareness ClubThis club works with the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) to destigmatize mental illnesses and offer a supportive peer community for students who cope with their own mental illness or want to be a supportive presence to a family member or friend with a mental illness; open to all interested studentsMrs. DeweeseE & A – Special Interest Club
Mu Alpha Theta (Math Honor Society)Must apply for membership in the spring of each year and must have completed one semester of geometry to apply.Mrs. ShoemakerE – Academic Honor SocietyStudents must qualify for participation.
National Honor SocietyInterested applicants must attend a meeting in January; applications for the next school year will be taken in February; applicants must be rising Junior or rising Seniors.Mrs. Kirwan, Mrs. HabichE – Academic Honor SocietyStudents are selected for this organization by submitting an application in the spring semester.
National Social Studies Honor Society (Rho Kappa)Rho Kappa encourages an interest in, understanding of, and appreciation of the social studies. Members must have completed four semesters of social studies courses and be prepared to complete at least six semesters; they must have at least a 3.0 GPA in the social studies classes taken and over overall cumulative GPA of at least 3.0.Mrs. RoseE – Academic Honor SocietyStudents must be invited to participate in this organization.
Naturalist ClubOpen to all students interested in nature.  This club tends the school’s garden, participate in outdoor activities (like hikes), do service for the environment, and more.Ms. Wolford, Mr. SmithE – Special Interest Club
Operation SmileOpen to all students interested in raising awareness and funds for those affected by cleft lips and palates. The
organization meets monthly to plan events and fundraisers.
Mrs. Cronin, Mr. BerghausenE & A – Special Interest
Peer Leader ProgramPeer Leaders are juniors and seniors who make a commitment to be drug, alcohol, and tobacco free. Interested students must attend a mandatory meeting prior to filling out an application. Attend the club intro meeting for application information.Mrs. RuckriegelL – Leadership Organization
Photography ClubOpen to all who have an interest in photographyMrs. BeirneE – Special Interest Club
Recruitment TeamA group of dedicated sophomores, junior, and senior students who recruit prospective students for AHS. Recruiters are selected through an application process as well as group interviews, if needed. This group of young women is responsible for promoting Assumption through visiting grade schools, giving tours, hosting shadows, and working Discover Assumption Day, Open House, and all Future Rocket Events. Applications are available in early spring.Mrs. Cassady, Mrs. GuntnerL – Leadership OrganizationStudents are selected after an application process in the spring.
Respect Life ClubPromotes the dignity of all human life, following the teachings of the Catholic Church. Members of the club have the opportunity to travel with the Archdiocese of Louisville to Washington, DC for the March for Life each January. The club is open to all students. Members are required to attend monthly meetings and participate in club activities.Dr. WielandE & A – Special Interest/Service Club
Rose Theatre CompanyRose Theatre Company is open to all students who enjoy drama.

All aspects of theater are available to students including leadership positions, on-stage, publicity, set crew, props, sound, lighting, costumes, makeup, stage managers.

The company produces three shows annually: a fall musical, the BLOOM Theatre Project, social justice theatre thematically tied to Mission Week, and a spring play.
Mr. Sumey, Ms. Murphy, Mrs. FriedenbergE – Special Interest OrganizationStudents apply by application or audition prior to productions to participate in the company.

Email any one of the moderators for more information!
Rose Window Literary MagazineRose Window staff members review and select student submissions for the literary magazine as part of the journalism program. They help create the theme, design, and layout of the magazine, which is published each May.  Anyone who likes writing, art, photography, and/or graphic design is welcome to submit pieces to The Rose Window.Mrs. CulverE – Special Interest Club
Social Studies National Honor Society (Rho Kappa)Rho Kappa encourages an interest in, understanding of, and appreciation of the social studies. Members must have completed four semesters of social studies courses and be prepared to complete at least six semesters; they must have at least a 3.0 GPA in the social studies classes taken and over overall cumulative GPA of at least 3.0.Mrs. RoseE – Academic Honor SocietyStudents must qualify for participation.
Science National Honor SocietyOpen to juniors and seniors in advanced level science classes with 3.5 GPA in science.Ms. Wolford, Mrs. SoteloE – Academic Honor SocietyStudents must qualify for participation.
Spanish ClubAll students interested in Spanish language and culture are welcome to join.Mr. Ramirez, Mrs. LipscombE – Academic Club
Spanish National Honor SocietyStudents are invited to join after first semesterMs. Moeller, Ms. SchubertE – Academic Honor SocietyStudents must apply for participation in this club.
Spanish ScrabbleA club that provides the opportunity for interested students at AHS to play Scrabble in the language they are learning. When possible, students compete against students from other schools.Mr. SutherlandE – Academic Club
SpectrumA campus ministry group supportive of diversity and inclusion, especially related to LGBTQ+ issues.Mrs. SteutermannE – Special Interest GroupInterested students may contact Mrs. Steutermann at
Speech and Debate TeamDo you crave opportunities to express yourself? Enjoy poetry or acting? Have a message to tell? Want to build more convincing arguments? Resolved: You should join AHS Speech & Debate.Dr. Wieland, Mrs. Darst, Ms. Bender, Ms. DaleyE – Academic Competition
Sports MinistryInterested student athletes meet monthly to pray together as well as learn how to lead prayer and support spiritual growth for the teammates.Mrs. Pinkston, Mrs. SteutermannL – Leadership Organization
STOP Advocacy DistinctionSTOP stands for “Speaking Truth to Power.” Juniors and seniors can earn a Leadership in Advocacy distinction upon graduation by meeting minimum educational and advocacy activity requirements.  Students are introduced to this opportunity during Mission Week of their sophomore year.Mrs. Scudder, Mrs. SteutermannE & A – Advocacy GroupMore information will be provided to all students during Mercy Week.
Student Technology Leadership ProgramThis group is open to all and gives students the opportunity to help their peers with simple tech solutions. Students must have good troubleshooting skills when it comes to questions about the computers. Students volunteer once a week during their study period in the Boeckmann Lab and receive volunteer hours for their time.Ms. ElderL – Leadership/ Service Club
Student Y (KUNA & KYA)Student Y club is a youth service organization under the direction of the state YMCA Youth Association. Members provide values-oriented service to the community, school, and world. In addition, the YMCA is the sponsoring organization for the model state government (KYA) conference in November and the model United Nations Assembly conference (KUNA) in March. Mr. Laudeman, Mr. HammE – Service Club/Academic Debate
Tri M Music Honor SocietyMust be enrolled in one semester of music class and maintain a “B” average.Mrs. Metry, Mr. StraubE – Honor SocietyStudents must qualify for participation in this club.
Varsity ClubThis organization is comprised of elected leaders from each class; selections take place in the spring for the following year. Varsity Club members plan and promote school-wide events to bolster school spirit.Mrs. Schaefer, Ms. HallL – Leadership OrganizationStudents must apply for participation in this organization in the spring.
VEX Robotics TeamTeams of students design, build, and program customized robots to play against teams from other schools in a game-based engineering challenge.Mr. Blum, Mr. ArmstrongE – Academic Competition