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What is the Rocket Parent Network?

Parenting can be tough during the high school years. Your daughter will be faced with choices that could negatively impact the rest of her life. Faced with mounting pressures from peers and pop culture, she might struggle to make wise decisions and will need your guidance more than ever during this challenging time. 

RPN is a trustworthy group of Assumption parents united to providing a drug and alcohol free social environment for teens. Parents commit to chaperoning their daughters and their friends to be sure that alcohol and drugs are not used while at their home. Membership dues are $10 per year, or $30 for four years. A directory is free in a parent’s first year of membership and may be purchased for $5 per year in subsequent years.

-How is Vaping Affecting Teens, Especially During Covid? LINK TO WEBINAR

To access the handout from Eric Baker, guest speaker to our meeting on October 27, click here.

How to join? 

If you are interested in joining the Rocket Parent Network, please send the membership form posted on this page to the AHS Guidance Office, call the Guidance Office at (502) 454-8402, or email Dawn Deweese or Meghan Rogers.

We welcome memberships throughout the year. We will print our new directory in the fall of 2022. 

Membership Fees:  $10/year or $30/ four years. 

The membership fees are used in the following ways:

  • Rocket Parent Network Scholarship: Two scholarships are offered to rising seniors who are Peer Leaders and whose parents are members of the Rocket Parent Network. Funds are also used for our “Sweet Sixteen” safe-driving gift packet for each Assumption student on her 16th birthday. 
  • The RPN Assumption Parent Directory: The Rocket Parent Network organizes and publishes the Assumption Parent Directory. If you are an RPN parent, your name is asterisked so other parents know you welcome calls from parents and will be providing a safe place for teens to be. Any parent can access the directory by purchasing a printed copy for $5 by calling the Guidance Office at (502) 454-8402.  The directory is free in an RPN member’s first year of membership. 

RPN encourages parents to keep communication lines open and talk with teens about non-traditional ways drugs and alcohol may be consumed. At the Freshman Parent Drug /Alcohol Program this year, guest speaker Mark Parrish explained that edible drugs are a dangerous and growing trend among our teens. Marijuana edibles appear to be the most common, but other drugs and alcohol may be disguised in the form of food. Teens need to be aware of the potential negative side effects.

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