TOgetherWorking To End Intimate Partner Violence

Mary Byron Scholars

On December 6, 1993, Mary Byron ’91, was the victim of an act of intimate partner violence that ultimately took her life. The community of Assumption mourned our loss and this senseless act of violence. Fueled by the memory of Mary, and in honor of others who have suffered from intimate partner violence, the Mary Byron Scholars program was born.

Working with the Mary Byron Project, two students are selected annually from a pool of applicants to serve as Mary Byron Scholars, providing six scholars throughout the school year. Together, they work to create programs, events, and initiatives in our school community and community at large to raise awareness of and ultimately end intimate partner violence.

Our Mary Byron Scholars successfully lobbied for and saw the passage of legislation that enabled victims of intimate partner violence to obtain a restraining order against their aggressor regardless of relationship status. (Previously, restraining orders could only be granted between married individuals and those who shared a child/children).

While activities have changed and approaches have grown, we have held true to our original intent to inspire and ignite our students to become advocates and active in prevention in their everyday life.  Our program graduates routinely come back and share how they have continued this work in college and beyond.