integrity mattersStaying Safe In A Digital World

Digital Citizenship

At AHS, we ask all of our students to remember that integrity matters, even behind the mask of a text message or a computer screen. We educate our students on digital citizenship and online safety throughout their four years at Assumption.

Cyber Bullying

Defines cyberbullying, tips for prevention, and how to report it.

Tips to Stop Cyberbullying from ConnectSafely
Are you being cyber bullied or do you know someone who is being cyberbullied?  Use these tips to get help. 

Sexting/Cell Phone Use

Tips for Smart Cellphone Use
Tips for safe cell phone use from ConnectSafely.

“Posting Pics”
View this video from YouTube which demonstrates how you quickly lose control of a picture once it is posted online.  It cannot be taken back, so always think twice before you post/text!

Social Networking

Social Networking Tips for Teens
These tips from ConnectSafely help protect teens while using social media.

Texting & Driving

“The Last Text” by AT & T
View this video which interviews the friends and families of people who lost their lives texting and driving.  In each case, it shows the last text message each victim sent or received while driving. 

Protecting Your Online Identity

Identity Theft Resource Center
This site provides victim resources, identity protection tips, and scams and alerts.

Resources for Parents 

Connect Safely
This website provide tips and advice for parents related to digital safety.

This website has a variety of resources including PSAs, videos, and tips for parents and teens for discussing internet safety. 

This website has many internet safety tips for parents.

More Resources for Students
Visit this website for ideas on how to make positive changes to your community on a variety of topics, including cyberbullying and school violence.