Need to report an absence?

Call Laura Burnam at 502-271-2507 or you can call the Main Office at 502-458-9551 and select option 1.

Dear Parents & Staff,

We are pleased to offer free COVID testing to our students, faculty and staff In order to keep schools open and our communities well.

Testing is available for those with symptoms, those exposed to possible COVID, or any scenario where knowing someone’s status will make students safer. The test is comfortable, front-of-the-nose only, and results come back in 15 minutes.

We must have this digital consent form completed for each student or staff that would like to be tested. This consent will remain on file, so additional testing can be done during this school year if desired.

Participating in COVID testing is optional and can be refused by a parent, student or staff at any time. By checking the box beside the link below, you confirm that you have read the document and agree to allow your minor child (or yourself) to be tested for Covid-19.