Summer SeminarCatch The Spirit Of Assumption

Information Sheet – Summer 2019

One of the first Assumption High School traditions your daughter gets to experience is Summer Seminar. Designed to make the transition from grade school to high school smooth and successful, Summer Seminar’s activities include the acquisition of practical knowledge, motivational tips, opportunities to know more about AHS, and time to make new friends.  The seminar will be a head start on a great high school experience.  Each year approximately 98% of the incoming freshman class takes part in Summer Seminar, held at Assumption and our sports complex, The Green.  The seminar topics include the following:

  • What can I expect at AHS?
  • Where ? (learn the layout of the buildings, including The Green)
  • What makes high school so different from grade school?
  • What should I expect of myself?
  • How will I make new friends? (values clarification and decision making skills)
  • How do I get involved? (leadership skills)
  • How do I make the most of my day? (time management and study skills)
  • How will I create the AHS spirit for myself, my class, my school? (goal setting)

SESSION  DATES:  Please select FIRST, SECOND and THIRD choices according to the instructions below.  Session size is limited.

FALL SPORTS (Cross Country, Field Hockey, Golf, Soccer, Volleyball) TRYOUTS ARE HELD IN JULY. Students participating/trying out for a fall sport should consider a June session or the first session in July to avoid scheduling conflicts because most sports schedule tryouts/practice over multiple days in the morning beginning July 15.         

Session I           June 10-14       9 a.m. – noon
Session II           June 17-21       9 a.m. – noon
Session III          July 8-12         9 a.m. – noon
Session IV          July 15-19        9 a.m. – noon

Cost:              A $55 check with your sign-up form will reserve your space and cover the cost of all materials. The money  is nonrefundable after the first day of class. Please make your check payable to Assumption High School.

Dress:           Casual – but neat.  Shorts are acceptable.

Questions:   Contact Mrs. Steinke in the Guidance Center at 271-2539.