Assumption High School was named in a Courier-Journal story on Friday, September 11th regarding active positive COVID-19 cases in our school.  It stated that the school had 20 “active” cases.  In fact, AHS has no active cases at this time.

AHS was not contacted by The Courier-Journal about the story, so many important details that help place these numbers in context were not included in the article. 

In the interest of transparency and full disclosure, AHS has been reporting our number of COVID-19 positive cases associated with our school each week in the Rocket Report, our Friday communication to parents. Yesterday, we reported 22 COVID+ cases associated with Assumption. Of those 22 cases – 19 were students and 3 were staff members.  

AHS has been in constant communication with the Louisville Metro Department of Health and Wellness and will continue to be to ensure Assumption is maintaining high standards and that we are completely transparent in our communications and reporting to our parents and to the larger community.

It’s important to note that AHS began reporting COVID positive cases to our local department of health starting August 1, 2020, which was three weeks before the start of school, and has been and will continue to report any employee or student who is positive and not limit reporting to only those individuals who were positive and were present on our campus.

What we know is this:

  • None of these 22 cases reported above were transmitted at Assumption High School.
  • None of these cases occurred after the start of our hybrid schedule on 8/31/20. 
  • Out of these 22 cases, only 1 individual was on our campus since the start of school.
  • That 1 individual (staff) resulted in the quarantine of several staff members but not one of these staff members contracted the virus.

This tells us that our health and safety protocols and policies in effect to mitigate risk to students, faculty, and staff have been working.  AHS has taken a proactive stance with regard to requiring parents to keep their daughters at home and reporting any illness or testing to our school nurse.   More importantly, our parents and students are complying with these directives which means that we are working together to minimize the spread of the disease among our school community. 

Please know that the health and safety of our entire community – faculty, staff, coaches, and students -remains our highest priority. We thank our parents and students especially for the excellent work they are doing each day to comply with the health and safety policies and protocols we have put in place.  We remind parents to continue to monitor their daughters’ social activities outside of school to minimize the risk of catching this disease.   

We thank the entire community of Assumption for their continued support and commitment to our Healthy at Assumption policies. Only by working together can we continue to limit the spread of the virus in our school and greater community. 

Mary Lang      Martha Tedesco
President        Principal