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If you would like to purchase a Rocket Raffle ticket for a chance to win $20,000 cash,  please contact the Advancement Office at 458-6258.  Drawing to take place at the Rocket Spectacular Benefit Dinner and Auction on Saturday, February 2, 2019.

Rocket Parent Network

How to join? 

If you are interested in joining the Rocket Parent Network, please call the  Guidance Office at (502) 454-8402 or email Dawn Deweese at or Kim Steinke at


Please scroll down to the bottom of this page for a PDF of our membership form.  We welcome memberships throughout the year; however, our directory is in the printing process and it is currently too late to be noted as an RPN member in the 2018-2019 Parent Directory.  


Articles of Interest

As a parent, there are so many concerns that you have when raising a teenage girl.  Teenagers are faced with many temptations and challenges every day.  We, as parents of these children, need to stay in touch with what they are faced with and talk with them often.  We can’t always be there to protect our children, but we can keep open communication with them to help them know the dangers and actions to take when they are faced with these challenges on their own. 


As a new feature on this RPN page, we will post articles for you to view.  We hope that the articles that we share will be helpful, insightful, and provide the educational resources to assist us in raising our children during this difficult/ challenging time in their lives.  Our third series of articles below focuses on helping teens make healthy choices during the summer.


Melaine Stein

President of RPN


Featured article links below:


NOTE: Archived articles may be found at the bottom of this page.  


What is the Rocket Parent Network?

Parenting can be tough during the high school years. Your daughter will be faced with choices that could negatively impact the rest of her life. Faced with mounting pressures from peers and pop culture, she might struggle to make wise decisions and will need your guidance more than ever during this challenging time. 

RPN is a trustworthy group of Assumption parents united to providing a drug and alcohol free social environment for teens. Parents commit to chaperoning their daughters and their friends to be sure that alcohol and drugs are not used while at their home. Membership dues are $10 per year, or $30 for four years. A directory is free in a parent's first year of membership and may be purchased for $5 per year in subsequent years.

What is covered by the dues?

Rocket Parent Network Scholarship: Two scholarships offered to rising seniors who are Peer Leaders and whose parents are members of the Rocket Parent Network. Funds are also used for our “Sweet Sixteen” safe-driving gift packet for each Assumption student on her 16th birthday. 

The RPN Assumption Parent Directory: The Rocket Parent Network organizes and publishes the Assumption Parent Directory. If you are a RPN parent, your name is asterisked so other parents know you welcome calls from parents and will be providing a safe place for teens to be. Any parent can access the directory by purchasing a printed copy for $5 by calling the Guidance Office at (502) 454-8402.


School-Wide Prevention Programming


We would like to thank Capt. Mike Halbleib, father of 2 Assumption students, who made a video for all students to view during RocketTime on September 21st.  We invite all parents to view the video and discuss his important prevention messages with your daughter.  




Operation Parent 

Operation Parent hosted a webinar, “Keeping It Positive: Body Image and Self-Esteem”. Participants received an overview of the concepts of body image, eating disorders, and self-esteem. Current trends and misconceptions in body image, eating disorders, and self-esteem among tweens and teens was discussed.  The role of media, social media, and family in the development of healthy vs. unhealthy body beliefs and behaviors will be explored. Parents learned about their role in the prevention of problems in these areas and when to seek additional information and help.  Please click here for recording of “Keeping It Positive: Body Image and Self-Esteem”, presented by Dr. Amy Greenamyer, Compass Counseling and Psychology Services. 


 Archived Webinars:  

Shedding Light on Youth Alcohol Usage and Binge Drinking


Archived articles of interest: