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Achievement Center

Achievement Center

The Achievement Center is adjacent to the Media Center and is designed to assist students with overcoming difficulties related to their academic program of studies at Assumption High School. Specifically, this program will target students who are struggling with the following areas: time management and organizational skills, study skills and research, and test taking skills. All students, regardless of academic level, are eligible to participate in this program. 


1) Identify students in need of extra assistance.
2) Identify and address areas of student difficulties, including, but not limited to:
  • Organizational skills
  • Time management skills
  • Research/study skills
  • Test taking skills

METHODS: Identification of target student population

1) Referrals from classroom teachers.
  • Students having apparent difficulties are identified by teachers, counselors, and deans.
  • Teachers email the Achievement Center Coordinator with referrals.
  • Achievement Center Coordinator will schedule a meeting with the student.
2) Referrals from counselors.
3) Referrals from deans.


1) Initial Assessment

  • First meeting with the student will be used to assess the needs of the student noted by the referral.
  • Background on the nature of the problem and steps taken by the student to solve the problem will be discussed.
  • Plans will be established for achievement center-directed assistance.
2) Weekly Appointments
  • Students will meet with the Achievement Center Coordinator every other study to receive tutoring and assistance until services are no longer necessary.
  • The Achievement Center Coordinator will meet with up to a maximum of four students at a time.
  • Students will report their progress.
  • The Achievement Center Coordinator will assist students in the manner deemed necessary to improve student performance.