TransferMake Assumption Your Home

High school students interested in transferring to Assumption should:

FIRST: Are you interested in visiting Assumption? Schedule a personal tour of Assumption by contacting our Marketing and Admissions Office at 502-271-2673 or

SECOND: Complete and submit the student information form below, and forward it to Kathy Fleischer, Registrar, or fax 502-454-8411 or mail to 2170 Tyler Lane, Louisville, KY 40205.

THIRD: Provide unofficial transcript, if available, or past report cards and current grades-to-date.  We also request any attendance information, along with placement test scores or any standardized test scores (PLAN, PreACT Explore, Terra Nova, etc.)

FOURTH: Please include a written statement from both the parent(s)/guardian(s) and the student as to the reason she wishes to transfer to Assumption High School. Please provide as much detail as possible.

Once these items have been completed and submitted to Assumption, our registrar will contact you about the next step.  

Transfer information requested above must be on file no later than June 30.

In her words…

I transferred to Assumption my junior year. Assumption holds a very special place in my heart, I’ve met lifelong friends here. Something that sets this place apart from any other high school is that the students here really take pride in where they go to school. The first time I walked through the doors here at Assumption I knew that this is where I belonged. Transferring was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made

-Grace ’23

What happens after I have submitted my daughter’s student information form, academic records, and standardized test scores?

  • Once we have the requested information on file, our admissions team reviews your daughter’s information and provides our registrar with permission to move forward with the transfer process.  This can take up to two weeks, especially during our own registration months of February and March.  You will be contacted via email with instructions on setting up an appointment with a counselor assigned to your daughter’s grade.  Our counselor will do an interview with your daughter and also provide time for your daughter to ask any questions she may have about Assumption. 
  • After your daughter’s interview with the grade appropriate counselor, the counselor will contact our admissions team with any recommendations or concerns.  You will be contacted by email within one week of your daughter’s interview about the formal registration process.

Questions Regarding Transferring? Who to contact: 

  • Academic questions – In order to best answer academic questions specific to your daughter, please make sure above referenced documents are on file at Assumption.  General transfer questions not answered here may be addressed to Kathy Fleischer or 502-271-2505.
  • Specific course questions – See our course catalog.
  • Athletic or specific sports questions – Contact our Athletic Office at 502-271-2555.
  • Tuition or financial assistance questions – Please contact Lisa Raley, Executive Director of Finance & Facilities, at 502-271-2520.