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Incoming Freshman Admissions


Come spend time with us to learn all the ways that you can become the best version of yourself at Assumption.


Register for a personalized tour of Assumption.

As we await guidance from the Archdioceses of Louisville concerning shadowing, we have created opportunities for personalized interaction with members of The Community of Assumption. Eighth graders are invited to tour Assumption virtually or in-person with an Admissions representative and a current Assumption student. Register for for A Virtual Look at Assumption or your Personal Tour of Assumption.

Attend Events for Future Rockets – Dates to be announced.

  • Not sure where to begin the high school search?
    • Virtual Grade School Zoom Nights will provide a general overview of the Assumption Community while interacting with Administrators and current students.
  • Curious about “AHS Numbers” and the Assumption advantage?
    • Virtual Discover Assumption Day will give you all the information you need, directly from our administrators.
  • Are you interested in becoming a Rocket athlete?
    • Virtually meet with Assumption coaches to have all your athletics questions answered.
  • Not sure how to apply for financial assistance?
    • Virtual Financial Aid and Scholarship Night will share the financial aid process and affordability of an Assumption education.
  • Interested in experiencing everything Assumption offers?
    • Open House provides a glimpse into the Assumption community. Spend the evening learning about the classes, clubs, or academic pathways that piques your interest.


1. Take the High School Placement Test

Eighth graders who would like to be considered for fall admittance need to take the High School Placement Test at Assumption High School. The test is offered in December and January and is necessary to be able to adequately place a student into the correct academic levels for her classes. Click here to learn more about the HSPT and when it is offered.

2. Attend the Welcome Party

All students who took the placement test at Assumption are invited to the Welcome Party where you can begin meeting members of your class.

3. Receive your Admissions Packet

An electronic acceptance letter will be sent mid-February, which will be followed by a mailed admissions packet.

4. Register as an Incoming Freshman

Freshman Registration occurs in early March. Future Rocket families meet with Assumption administration and faculty to discuss their daughter’s customized course schedule.

5. Attend Summer Seminar For Incoming Freshmen

Summer Seminar is a head start towards a great high school experience. Designed to make the transition from grade school to high school smooth and successful, Summer Seminar activities include the acquisition of practical knowledge, motivational tips, opportunities to know more about AHS, and time to make new friends.

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Still have questions? Contact the Assumption Admissions team at 502-271-2514.